Wig dying tutorial. Message me for any questions! :)
HERE for full view.

Wig dying tutorial. Message me for any questions! :)

HERE for full view.



Me reading an excerpt from chapter 7 of 50sog

just listen. shhh. just listen.

I’ll continue the series if anyone is interested. XD

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open chest binding…


So i didn’t do too bad of a job… there’s a few bugs I gotta work out of it though.

Pulling the binding far enough to the side, for one.

And using makeup to cover up the stretchmarks on my breasts for two.

But, othernthat… looked pretty good in my opinion.


Just updating…

Hey guys! Haven’t heard from near anybody since I made this blog. LOL. you can submit ANYTHING you want - it doesn’t have to be a cosplay you made, it can just be a pic of you wearing something someone else made - you can even submit helpful tips and tricks, - anything! I’d really love to hear from you guys, so i hope to see some submissions soon!


"My inner goddess tells me NOT to read Fifty Shades of Grey"

Okay inner goddess. As long as you don’t wear a pink feather boa and “strut your stuff” in fuck me pumps, I’ll listen to anything you say.


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Welcome to my blog!! I hope you find it useful in the future! feel free to submit anything you like! from tutorials to cosplay photos!


Yeah I’m not sure if the picture came up because I fail at this, but if it did work, yes I did hide my face because I don’t want people knowing what I look like! So yeah

EDIT: your picture didn’t come up!


Anonymous said: I have a question about wigs, I'm going a Edward Elric cosplay, and I keep my hair at the perfect length and style so I can use my blond hair instead of stuffing it in a wig, that I can't afford, and will only give me a migraine. Does it really make my cosplay bad if I don't use a wig because I can't afford it? Or is that just something people want me to think?

I don’t know who told you that not using a wig makes your cosplay bad. But using your natural hair is perfectly fine if it is cut and styled correctly. It is preferable in my opinion because using your natural hair makes the costume look that much more real. I would say, go ahead and use your real hair, it will look awesome! Show us a photo when you’re done! We’d love to see!

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